Autos & Vehicles. To provide guidance on the provisions of the Canada Labour Code (Code), Part II, and the Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (COHSR) that can be considered to protect the health and safety of employees working alone. Sports. You may well be rewarded with greater pay if you are willing to work the night shift. Introduction Shift work causes misalignment between internal circadian time and the external light/dark cycle and is associated with metabolic disorders and cancer. Employers have a duty of care to their night shift workers and have a range of responses ranging from providing night shift workers with a free health assessment before they take on night shift duties through to simple things like offering healthy snack options in company vending machines. Before and after touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. Barnes has been working the night shift for four years. Levels of fatigue among junior doctors are being monitored with concern by the GMC after its national training survey revealed that more than half of doctors worked beyond their rostered hours and 22% said that working patterns left them short of sleep on a daily or weekly basis. According to the study, Britain’s night-time workforce numbers 3.2 million. 7. If you are the one working night shift, did you know working out after a shift may not be as bad for your sleep as you once thought? This way you still get a good workout on your own but include a bit of fun into it at the end. Well, the answer is, I DON’T. Watch Queue Queue Queue This video is unavailable. And the worker can even signal that all is going according to plan throughout their night shift using Safe Check, our proactive welfare check. In the United Kingdom, it’s more than three million – or 11.7% of the workforce. Before that she was working the "second shift," which runs from around 3 P.M. to 11 P.M. Unless the worker and employer agree otherwise, this covers the hours between 11pm and 6am. If the worker is working inside a locked building, how will emergency services be able to get in? Maintenance workers and engineers can find that night shift working is isolating. Should the lone worker become incapacitated, the ARC will respond to a Worker Down automated response to get the right services to them. Whoever they are, and wherever they’re operating, we’ll keep night shift lone workers safe. Distilleries, 5 Ways to Improve Night Shift Lone Worker Safety and Well-being. Our powerful, award-winning comprehensive lone worker safety system provides a variety of safety features which covers every eventuality. To prepare yourself for working the night shift, make sure to exercise and eat healthy to boost energy levels and keep you alert. Working women ensured that they were home by 7 pm. Rest breaks if night work limits do not apply. Working at night can potentially impact your blood pressure, heart health, risk of having a stroke, or menstrual cycle. USA, Registered in England & Wales. Carrying out their shift alone can leave night workers particularly vulnerable and exposed. But while awareness of some of the costs of night shift work – including heightened risk of heart disease and certain cancers – has been increasing in recent years, many aspects of night shift work remain under-discussed. Through working alone, you have a better chance to test out new ways to build items at a low cost. We can set specific enhanced escalation protocols for night workers. This can include the provision of food heating and preparation facilities, somewhere for night shift workers to take breaks away from their workstation and employers can make arrangements for workers to access a qualified first aider, when required. Well, here are 5 ways that companies can improve night shift lone worker safety and wellbeing: As prevention is better than cure, employers should assess risks to night shift workers, especially those who spend either some, or all of their time working alone. Such abnormal” working hours are not a modern phenomenon. Working on a shift job, whether it's both or one of you doesn't mean communication will be strained and absent. Night shift lone workers in the retail and transport sectors are certainly at heightened risk during evenings and nights. Don't leave back doors open and unattended. As an employer overseeing working alone at night, laws state you must ensure they’re “reasonably” safe. Rest is a night time activity, work a daytime activity. This can be especially problematic during weekends and public holidays when the site or building may not be visited by colleagues for several days. | Terms of Use | Privacy, 2C Crown Business Park, Cowm Top Lane, Rochdale OL11 2PU. The workers themselves can also follow best practice in helping to protect themselves.