Lady-J posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک: next question » Avatar: The Last Airbender جوابات. With the introduction of her arrival at the end of the first season and within the second season, Azula's demeanor as the next intimidating threat for Team Avatar to encounter had the audience understand that this is someone not to be taken lightly. A one-stop shop for all things video games. She is the only one we seen in ATLA who can produce blue flames. The Top 20 Horror Movies Of 2019: Tethered Terrors (Part I). Why is Azula's آگ کے, آگ blue? Indeed it does, but the purpose of it was less to show the intensity of the heat of her flames, and more so to show her absolute natural mastery over the element. Interestingly, Azula practically evaporates from the story after her … When Azula does her firebending the flames are blue rather than red/orange that every other firebender has. As she is the only one who is personified as blue amongst a nation of red, this makes her stand out even more as a character. Although fans have considered several theories as to why the feared Fire Nation princess is the only one who can conjure up blue fire, they’re dodgy and unsubstantiated at best. It was inevitable, so Azula had to make this moment count. Chapter 32: From The Ashes, A Pheonix Rises Notes: (See the end of the chapter for notes.) lola641 said: it was alisema she was a prodagy, for her firebending was stronger than most, the strenghth must make it blue. Regardless of that power, Azula's ability to master her birthright as a firebender and perfect the technique of emitting blue fire is immaculate, but why her specifically? Why is Azula's fire blue? All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Her skill and power allow her to create blue fire, which is much hotter than red or orange fire. Her power and ability in firebending caught the eye of her father especially. posted hace más de un año yea i think ur right iluvhellowkitty posted hace más de un año. Azula got that reputation through a potent mix of her cold character and relentless combat skills, two qualities which turn out to be closely related. Iroh may have sent the young Azula a doll from the Siege of Ba Sing Se, but that doesn't mean the Fire Princess had a… When she was 9-years-old, Azula demonstrated and even flaunted her firebending prowess to her grandfather, the late Firelord Azulon, even surprising him how great she is for her age. Deep down she was already aware of this. Throughout her life, Azula was praised as a natural-born prodigy by her family. Lady-J posted বছরখানেক ... it was ব্যক্ত she was a prodagy, for her firebending was stronger than most, the strenghth must make it blue. 5 years ago. Zuko had told her that Azula probably didn’t have much time. maybe zuko had really developed his skills by smoke and … However, someone who personifies the color blue showcases confident and self-controlled, but under the surface, may be hiding vulnerabilities. One final notion may be based on the creators' having personified Azula on color symbolism alone. Moving forward with that concept, the creators could have structured her as a sort of contrast to her nation, especially her brother, Zuko. The MCU's Jessica Jones Will Reportedly Be More Comic-Accura... Karl Urban Teases His Return To The Set Of The Boys Season 3. Why is Azula's api, kebakaran blue? “Yeah.” Azula agrees. Avatar: The Last Airbender villain Azula was the only character in the Nickelodeon show to use blue fire - why was her firebending ability so unique? Sorry. Doctor Who "Revolution Of The Daleks" Review, Doctor Who 12x10 "The Timeless Child" Review, Doctor Who Season 12x09 "Ascension Of The Cybermen" Review. Related: Avatar: How Azula Escaped Prison After The Last Airbender Ended. “Yeah, it does.” - When she arrives back at her room, Ty Lee is still asleep. The Colors of Fire. But why exactly does Azula generate blue flames? 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Mobius? i think this was already explained in an episode, matter of"Ember island".She may be good at what she does but that is beuase she feels she has nothing to … Often scolded for her usually violent behavior and manipulative manner, Azula even remarked that her mother saw her as… lola641 said: it was a dit she was a prodagy, for her firebending was stronger than most, the strenghth must make it blue. Azula was only seen bending normal fire during her childhood (and in the opening sequence). Why does azula shoot blue fire? The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Seriously, she wasn’t sure how she hadn’t set something on fire yet. Deep down she was already aware of this. Why is Azula's moto blue? While Azula’s interior life was explored at the very end of the series, the initial seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender treated her, first and foremost, as a foil to Zuko, whose confidence suffered at the hands of his younger sister’s insurmountable, seemingly God-given strength. Like the telepathic fire bending of Sparky Sparky Sparky Boom Man, floating ability of Zaheer and (The Legend of Korra notwithstanding) metal-bending power of Toph, Azula’s embers are not only a trademark of her explosive personality, but a testament to her truly intimidating talent as a fire bender. One can follow his previous work on his professional website,, or his Twitter at @electroNickNak. Azula's fire was made blue to denote both her mastery in both firebending and lightning-creation. Her father began raising her as his true heir from an early stage, taking he… Scott Pilgrim Vs. Nickelodeon's 2005 series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, showcased a wide variety of characters with immense strength and power, but Azula's firebending prowess trumps them all with the might of her unique trademark, her blue flames. Why is Azula's आग blue? Azula's characteristic blue flames symbolized the power she possessed and constantly sought to increase. Lady-J posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita: next question » Avatar The Last Airbender Majibu. Lady-J posted hace más de un año: next question » Avatar - La Leyenda de Aang Respuestas. Ozai and Iroh and both shoot "blue fire" but can not shoot lightning. Why is Azula's feu blue? And that really is all there’s to it when it comes to understanding Azula. A blue flame has been proven to occur at a higher temperature than yellow or red fire and become complete combustion. In the world of The Last Airbender, the Avatar is the strongest person in the world, having total mastery over all four elements of nature and utilizing the spiritual, yet powerful Avatar State. It’s blue because that’s the actual color of fire. Taking a … Her flames are blue due to her fire being fueled with pure hatred. Mark Ruffalo And Ryan Reynolds Share A Moment In New Photo F... Dwayne Johnson Proves He Never Skips Leg Day With Black Adam... Denzel Washington's New Thriller Sets Pandemic-Era Box Offic... 8 Classic Castlevania Games On Sale For Only $5 On PlayStati... Strong Resident Evil Sales Result In Record Profits For Capc... Watch: First Resident Evil RE: Verse Beta Gameplay Surfaces ... Sonic The Hedgehog Fans Want Ben Schwartz To Take Over The R... Fortnite Director May Be Teasing A G.I. Azula: The Prodigy With Blue Fire huhyouexist. Her sharp wits and the fact that she was a firebending prodigy gained her great attention and acclaim, which quickly made her Ozai's favorite child. As this formidable foe, Azula's power and authority were unmatched every time she was on-screen. zuko was taught from ran and shaw, and he learned the original form of firebending, which could possibly give him even more powerful bending than if he used anger and rage. Marvel Comics Have Introduced A New Way For X-Men To Join Th... Marvel Reportedly Wants To Change The Punisher's Logo After ... Star Wars Reveals Darth Vader Was Trying To Uncover Palpatin... Star Wars Reveals That Darth Vader Knew About Exegol. Simply so, why Azula's fire is blue? But why, exactly, is she alone capable of producing this unique color of flame? In unison, the pair of them snapped their gazes to the acrobat, and Mai ran up to grip the railing tightly, staring over the carnage of bodies and hurled fire. Azula grew up with all the riches, splendor, and privileges of royalty in the Fire Nation. Well your question needs to be more specific. Lady-J posted hampir setahun yang lalu: next question » Avatar The Last Airbender Jawapan. Her apathy also accounted for her ability to create and direct lightning, the "cold-blooded fire". In truth, the creators never offer an explanation for Azula’s ability, and did so in order to stay true to her character. Second in raw power only to the Fire Lord Ozai, she was a force to be reckoned with. What Is The Peak Of Her Lightningbending? However, Azula could not produce blue fire as a young child, as shown in flashbacks. Azula said, temporarily making one of the pillars rise in a blue spire of fire. Azula is the only firebender who can produce blue flames, which are hotter and contain more energy than those of other firebenders who bend normal orange flames. This inborn strength, combined with the arbitrary one that she received by virtue of being the child of a dictator, led her to believe she was the center of the universe. › tv › azula-avatar-airbender-blue-flames Azula is a firebending prodigy. 0 2. keiko. No, there's no difference, it's simply lightning. Many of his hobbies include: drawing sketches and illustrations, watching movies and tv shows, and playing casual/competitive video games. lola641 said: it was dicho she was a prodagy, for her firebending was stronger than most, the strenghth must make it blue. Similarly, her grandfather Azulon was never shown to wield blue flames despite his namesake implying otherwise. She grew to love this constant attention and become somewhat of an exhibitionist overtime as she would typically demonstrate her power and sadistic nature over her peers to garner their attention too. After her brother was banished from the capital to look for Aang, Azula spent the next three years relentlessly training her bending, strategy, and combat until she concentrated her skills down into her refined, advanced blue fire technique. Azula is no fool, She would likely never gain the trust of Mai and Ty Lee again short of miraculously saving them in their non perilous highborn lives, the only dangers they were put in she had put them in in some form or another, since they wanted action. First introduced toward the end of the first season as the younger sister of Zuko, she quickly established herself as one of the deadliest and most terrifyingly persistent enemies that Team Avatar ever faced. Princess Azula was born to Prince Ozai and Princess Ursa in 85 AG and was named after her paternal grandfather, Fire Lord Azulon. Throughout the series, it is suggested that the creators based her strength and control over the blue fire through the simple scientific principle of fire. Why is Azula's আগুন blue? Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Mai felt that she actually saw a wisp of blue fire around Azula's fingertip before Ty Lee, who had momentarily been forgotten along with the roars and ruckus of the riot beneath them, shouted while pointing wildly. Black Widow 2 Reportedly Happening, But Without Scarlett Johansson, Lucasfilm Reportedly Under Pressure To Drop Luke Skywalker And Baby Yoda Storyline, Indiana Jones 5 Will Reportedly Pay Tribute To Sean Connery, Watch: Tom Holland Becomes Marty McFly In Back To The Future Fan Trailer, Watch: Nicolas Cage Is On The Hunt In National Treasure 3 Fan Trailer, Watch: The Dark Knight Battles Machines In Batman Vs. Terminator Fan Trailer, Wanda Will Reportedly Be Responsible For Electro Coming Into The MCU, Marvel Reportedly Plans To Make At Least 3 More Deadpool Movies, New Matrix 4 Theory Says Neo’s Return Is Part Of The Oracle’s Plan. Azula has incapacitated multiple powerful characters … When talking about “fire” in the case of Avatar, we’re talking about the combustion of carbonaceous, hydrogenated materials (e.g. While throughout the series, Zuko had been very passionate, hotheaded, and impulsive, Azula had been depicted very even-tempered, cunning, logical, and a perfectionist. Next: Avatar: Every Last Airbender Character That Returned In The Legend of Korra. No other firebender's flames are blue, just the standard red color. Lady-J posted il y a plus d’un an: next question » Avatar le dernier maître de l’air Réponses. Also Know, what happened Azula Avatar? While her namesake in the Avatar universe derived from her grandfather, Azulon, but her name also comes from the Spanish translation of blue, which is Azul. He achieved a degree in television and film production at Hofstra University and wishes to make it out there as a wonderful creator in his field. Why is Azula's fuego blue? As per the cross post from scifi exchange , The reason here flame being blue is attributed to the fact that the blue part of the flame widely believed to be the most hottest part of it, and that blue color was also to highlight the fact that Azula was a most skilled fire bender and in terms of raw power her power is second compared to that of Fire lord Ozai. "Where?!" Azula is a fire bending prodigy that's why she can bend blue fire, which is hotter than normal fire bending. Why? Lady-J posted एक साल से अधिक ... lola641 said: it was कहा she was a prodagy, for her firebending was stronger than most, the strenghth must make it blue. "Zuko!" Azula was one of the most skilled firebenders of her time, recognized as a prodigy by both Ozai and Zuko. azula used anger and rage to power her bending, and it eventually caused her fire to become blue, but to bend lightning u just have to harness all of the energy inside of u i think. Tom Holland Says Spider-Man 3 Is The Highlight Of His Career, Watch: Chris Pratt Becomes Han Solo In New Deepfake. I just realized that Azula shoots "blue fire" and lightning. Born with an obscene amount of natural talent, Azula grew up being able to achieve whatever goal she set for herself by sheer threat of force. posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita yea i think ur right iluvhellowkitty posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita. The cops would show up at some point to arrest her. Because blue fire is not blue due to its temperature. Nicholas Koumis is a features writer for ScreenRant. Well, in order to answer that question, we better take a step back and ask what kind of person Azula is in general. Joe Crossover. Blessed With Blue (An Azula One Shot) posted by zanhar1 So KataraLover and I were talking about Azula's blue fire and about this Frozen-esque theory that Ursa tried to hide the fact that Azula could bend blue fire. He covers movies and tv shows topics from far and wide. Owen Wilson's Character Explained, Marvel Proves The Saddest Easter Egg Theory, BoJack Horseman: Why Rami Malek's Flip Is Always Eating Blue Popsicles, WandaVision: Why Wanda's Magical Bubble Is A Hexagon, Dragon Ball: The One Z-Warrior Who Survived In Trunks' Future (& How), Justice League Dark Still In Development At HBO Max. lola641 said: it was کہا she was a prodagy, for her firebending was stronger than most, the strenghth must make it blue. occur at a higher temperature than yellow or red fire and become complete combustion wood) mixing with air (oxygen). Only some of the advanced fire benders can bend lightning as well as fire. The fact that she's powerful enough within the show to even possess the ability to wield blue fire, but control it to her whim is a key reason she stands out as the only firebender who can utilize it. Although there are many possibilities for why Azula was gifted with blue flames as her signature technique, her upbringing as someone who must always strive for perfection and attain a flawed ideology of world domination is one major reason she was able to achieve her iconic ability in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Chapter Text. The most noticeable feature of Princess Azula's bending was her ability to create her characteristic blue flames, which are much more intense than the red, orange, and yellow fire normally used by firebenders. Blue fire. Azula can also use her firebending in previously unseen ways, such as jets of flames and whirling disks. posted hampir setahun yang lalu yea i think ur right iluvhellowkitty posted hampir setahun yang lalu. the reason why azula's fire is blue is becuase her fire burns so much hotter than anyone elses, the reason for that is becuase firebending has to do with anger, and she is so mentally unstable she is so much more angry than any other firebender. Azula's fire burns hotter than most due to her lightning-mastery, but will turn orange as it cools. Azula's fire was made blue to denote both her mastery in both firebending and lightning-creation. However, this isn't the only reason Azula may be able to wield blue fire in the show. Kinda like Kitara was able to master Waterbending so easily after only a short amount of formal training According to Iroh, the skill required complete control of all emotion, which would not prove difficult for Azula with her one-track mentality. This doesn't entirely fit, though, as in the sequel series, The Legend of Korra, Mako could generate lightning from his fingertips and still use normal red or yellow fire. She Doesn't Stalk Zuko Forever. One notion many believe in is that her proficiency in the "cold-blooded fire", also known as lightning generation, caused Azula's main source of fire to turn "cold" or blue as a result. There was something to be said about Azula’s ability to keep herself together in all this. The Best Horror Movies To Stream This Halloween. I got a little confused there. posted il y a plus d’un an yea i think ur right iluvhellowkitty posted il y a plus d’un an. lola641 said: it was berkata she was a prodagy, for her firebending was stronger than most, the strenghth must make it blue. Hey, It's been over 4 years or something like that since I uploaded anything so I'm living up to my Earthbending name and upload a video about Azula. The blue flames of Fire Nation princess Azula bear special significance in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender because they’re one of the few types of bending which Aang and his various reincarnations cannot imitate.