Check out this guide on the tier ranking of the best endgame Bow weapons of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. -Nergigante’s Bow offers Dragon damage and elder seal which is pretty helpful against elder dragons. Ty! This. Don't ever use dragon piercer. For Dash build go +3 constitution (charm) and 3 x Stam surge (Nerg b chest and nerg a belt(or dash juice or mushroommancer)) rest you can take what you want, you can go full damage or take some evasion skills. Add in dash juice and you'll be able to hit constitution 5 for that sweet 10 dashes. In my experience, even at its best, using Dragon Piercer is a huge DPS loss on anything smaller than Xeno'jiva, and only a break even on that. Surprisingly, This bow that you happen to get pretty early on is one of the best bows in the current MHW meta. Depending on what you really enjoy, I use elemental because those were the first gems I got. Dragonbone Bow III … Dash dancing is where the bulk of a bow's DPS will always come from, and Dragon Piercer is only useful to cut tails with (and even then Thousand Dragons still works better if you can get close). I personally use the Attack Charm and just abuse Wiggly's and Dash Juice. -ultimately what bow you should use and what armor you should use is dependent on what monster you are hunting. With 390 Fire Damage, the Anja Arch III can be your single bow for dealing with monsters like Kirin or Vaal Hazak. Dragonbone Bow is a Bow Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Whats the pros and cons of those two? This video covers the Water and Dragon builds for Kjarr bows the Water craftable bows. I have a question, if you swap weapons when the arrows hit the dragon, witch stats will the arrow have? Generally speaking, bows offer greater mobility, are ideal for starters, provide a wider range of maneuverability, are incredibly better than before of late, and also give off a wide range of ways to play the end game. I've been receiving a lot of questions since PC version of MHW just came out, the recommendations below are still true to the current patch on the PC version, but on the PS4 version there are a few better options now for the bow section, for example the deviljho bow, which would outperform the Hazak bow in certain situations, and Tulve Water Bow which is an upgrade from bone bow. Also average elder seal seems still pretty good. Read this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Bow guide on the best loadout and armor build for this weapon. I farmed up tobi kadachi just for the flying kadachi bow and it literally dumps on nergigante. I've been able to get by through most of the game as a fashion hunter. There are very few bad options in the bunch — assuming you match the elemental or status weakness to whatever creature you want to fight. 1, or even stacking 2 levels of it can allow you to run some EXTREMELY offensive builds of utter greed and be REPAID IN MASSIVE LIFEGAIN! By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies to keep you logged in if you register. Description. With the new skyblock updates, i want to know what the best bow for doing the most damage to dragon, some say its still runaans, some say its hurrican, some say its magma, which one is it? Affinity: 0%. But it gets some serious damage from thunder. Whatever makes for the best MHW Insect Glaive gets quite a lot of wiggle room. However we will cover the Dragon craftables we will be covering in a third video about the potential Iceborne changes to bow because they contextualize the dragon bow builds. If you run an elemental crit bow set, Vaal wins easily: It has more dragon damage and no negative affinity. Enjoy and I will see you all in the next video. It still underperforms elemental sets in … Vaal has 270 dragon damage and 228 physical damage. Get weakness exploit attack up and stuff like that. The Safi'jiiva, Kjarr, Alatreon and Fatalis weapons dominate each category with its potential in their respective element brackets. How do I get the constitution charm? I have the r7 queen. It will probably take me a bit to get the charms, but that looks like an awesome build. Much like the Dragon Bow with its low physical damage and very high elemental damage the Legia Snow Fletcher is a great bow in most missions that require the Ice Element in conjunction with sleep and poison coatings that are effective status types … Which bow would you recommend? I don't find the crit element builds to outdamage the coilbender either because they have low element or decent element but too low raw (Val Hazak/Jyuratodus/Kadachi) or don't have power shots (Hunter's proudbow/Dragonbone Bow), That is quite the jewel intensive build to recommend to someone getting into farming Elders, Diablo if you want make juts one otherwise juts best element for that guy. Best Ranged Weapons Loadout Guide. History Talk (0) ... Dragon 300. | Creator | ignoreme | deletthis. Final Floor Frags FFF Member Joined Jul 28, 2019 Messages 2,119 Reactions 1,198. Spamming circle is the best way to use bow with lavasioth legging and constitution set. Nov 7, 2019 #2 A subreddit dedicated to the Monster Hunter series of video games, including things like merchandise, fan art, organizing hunts, and helping players. Coating Boost: None. MarioG204 Dedicated Member. Datura String III - 170 Raw + (240 Blast) Blast bow isn't as good, but that said Styx is the next best … Look no further than our best endgame builds for longsword! end stone sword is better for a swap, it deals double damage. Guiding Lands Build. The Dragonseal Aldbow only has 264 Damage, but provide you 480 Dragon Element. Also i‘d like to add that you could use the Rath Soul Helmet for the crit boost and the legiana bow for our toasty boy. Welcome to our guide on the Mathematically Best Bow Builds for Pre Iceborne MHW! Weapon from Ore and Bone; Styled with the Bone Armor Set; Special Unlocked Weapon Start at 24:40. Con1/ss3 Build ... MHW Bow builds , Create a free website or blog at It's very underpowered and very slow move. Icicle Blizzard II (Ice) [MHWI]Rajang Bow Solo 03'16''95. Upvote for detailed build and "Toaster". A bow of the element a monster is weak to will do more damage than the Diablos bow but the Diablos bow will do more damage than bows with elements the monster is not fully weak to or is resistant to. <3, Chest- Rath b (Weakness Exploit 2 + level 1 Gem), Arms- Kaiser b (Weakness Exploit 1 + level 3 Gem), Waist- Nergigante b (Attack 2 + level 2 Gem), Legs- Lavasioth b (Power Shots + level 2 Gem), Charm- Attack 3 or Fitness 3 (Constitution). More dragon plus sleep is really nice. This is a build that I use, sacrificing a little bit of attack but this pretty much lets me say "fuck you" to any monster roaring at me. With the new skyblock updates, i want to know what the best bow for doing the most damage to dragon, some say its still runaans, some say its hurrican, some say its magma, which one is it? MarioG204. I'm sure I could do it faster but I love the thrill of the fight. It’s by far the best MHW dragon bow for putting together a Dragon-based build — even a Safi Bow augmented to the teeth with Element Up only boasts 590 Dragon damage compared to the Commandment’s innate 600.Throw in some formidable raw damage and … -the Diablos bow tree and builds for it is essentially a jack of all trades, master of none. I’m new to the game but here is what my research has come up with in terms of bows. It’s worth pointing out that, for the best Thunder Bow builds, you can consider the Kirin Longarms Beta+.These gauntlets have some of the best gem slots in MHW (the same as the Garuga Greaves) and provide a whopping three levels of Thunder Attack.That means they’re both highly situational and highly versatile. Some patches may be missing, it is my goal to rapidly include all relevant patches to … It literally shreds him. I can take one down in about 10 minutes. The icing on the cake is the three slot for Augmentation. A Note on Kirin Longarms & Thunder Bows – MHW Best Bow. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Please see Weapon Mechanics to fully understand the depth of your Hunter Arsenal. Health Regen simply boosts HUNT SUCCESS RATE VASTLY, versus any other augment that IMPROVES HUNT SPEED by a small margin.If that tiny margin matters for you, then you probably are in the razors edge of speedrunning. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Of course it doesn't hit hard enough to break the spikes off so you need to up your defense pretty high just in case you get dive bombed. What about enchantments, and other base stats? Is a bow with raw weapon damage preferred vs elemental damage? I rarely used any weapon made from the Dragon Bone tree, but as a Bow player, you definitely pick the right option for the Dragonseal Aldbow II’s material Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Bow/ChargeBlade/Longsword/SwitchAxe/LBG Tinkerer. Elderseal: Low. -Nergigante’s Bow offers Dragon damage and elder seal which is pretty helpful against elder dragons. A dragon element bow hewn from bone, crafted by dark and forbidden means. Alatreon Commandment doesn’t feature in any of the example builds below, but I’d be remiss not to include it in this list.